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Long-distance relationships can be quite challenging but it does not necessarily have to be a source of unhappiness and concern. Indeed, sometimes, the kilometers that separate you can be the opportunity to live a special love. How can you be happy even if you live in different cities? Let’s take a look at how a love spell for a long-distance relationship could help!

First of all, do not think that it is a problem, nor that remote history is a prerogative only yours. Many couples live far away, but one thing is certain: you can transform this condition into a unique relationship and you can even build a stronger, deeper, and more intimate relationship while spending some time apart!

But, if you need some guidance, I am here for you as today I want you to explore how magic can help you, plus, I am going to give you some advice on how to make it work! Let’s begin.

Love spells for long distance relationship: what are they?

These are great spells you can perform from remote and while away from your partner by creating energetic waves and sending them his/her way with the power of your intuition, passion, and love.

Are they effective?

Of course! As long as you believe in magic and commit to the practice! There is only one more necessary condition: to be truly in love with the person for whom we practice these spells.

How long does it take a love spell to manifest for long distance relationship?

How it’s done

With the red marker, write the name and date of birth of the person on whom you want to cast the spell of the love filter from a distance on the sheet of parchment paper.

Fold the sheet four times and put it in the glass jar.

Put the three mint leaves inside the jar and recite this magic formula three times (one each leaf): “Aphrodite evol fortunae.”

Repeat the same operation with the bay leaves, basil, and nettle.

Pour the red sand into the jar and close it.

With the coarse salt, create a triangle and put the jar inside.

Place the three red candles in the three corners of the triangle and light them.

This is a powerful binding spell and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Definitely binding a person to us for eternity is convenient and stimulating, but if the other person does not agree or does not believe in a magical world, you shouldn’t cast it!

Difficulty: Expert Witch
Effectiveness: 5/5

Things you need

  • Jasmine
  • Hot water
  • A container
  • A mirror

How it’s done

Put the jasmine in a fairly large container, add the hot water and mix. The jasmine dissolved in the water will give off a pleasant scent.

Inhale as much as you can this perfume and fix your reflected image as you say 6 times the name of who you want to tie to you, followed by the words “stay with me, stay with those who love you”.

This spell from the distance should create a sort of spiritual bond between you and your loved one.

At the end of this operation you will probably feel a little dizzy and confused, but don’t worry – your soul is looking for a common thread with the other person. You will feel better as soon as he finds it.

If you are still not satisfied or the other person has not been reached, try this additional formula:

  1. Write on a handkerchief the name of the person you would like you to love.
  2. Fold it on itself so that all the positive energy is trapped inside.
  3. Burn the handkerchief by saying his name aloud.
  4. Put the ashes in a glass with water and salt and mix. While mixing, repeat the other person’s name in reverse.
  5. You will feel a warmth inside your body: here the bond has been established.

With the help of the goddess Aphrodite, you can make a long-distance relationship thrive.

Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need

Two sheets of paper (possibly parchment)
A red marker
A black marker
Half a glass of rum
A glass jar
How it’s done

With the red marker write on one of the two pieces of paper the name of the person you want to fall in love with, and with the black marker write your name on the other.

Roll the two sheets together and put them in the glass jar.

Pour the half glass of rum into the jar by reciting this magic formula:

Oh Aphrodite, goddess of love, be by my side and by my heart.
Make (…) loving me and wanting me forever
The space between us disappears…
Our hearts are in tune…they are connected…
We are one

Close the jar and keep the filter you created under your bed for a week, then pour the contents into a stream.

Best 5 tips to make a long-distance relationship work and not cool down!
Even if you decide to rely on magic, to make a long-distance relationship work you should do your part! I know how hard it could be to keep the flame alive when you and your loved one cannot see each other for a very long time but, trust me, if you follow these easy tips, everything will be easier and your relationship will be a happy and long-lasting one!

1. Think positive

We know that it is not simple and that there certainly will be moments of deep sadness and despair, but the important thing is being able to maintain an attitude of positivity. You will miss your partner most of the time, that’s for sure, but you can avoid basking in that excruciating pain or sending him ten vocal messages in which you cry.

Certainly, such attitudes don’t help alleviate the situation and, in the long term, are counterproductive. Continue to live your life and your commitments as much as possible. In the evening, it’s nice to talk on the phone or Skype with him to tell him what has happened to you today, and him to do the same for you.

Focus on the positive aspects of your distance: how nice it will be to embrace him the next time you meet? And how nice is it not having to be accountable to anyone if you decide to go out with your friends tonight?

Of course, you miss him and you will miss him, but you must be able to feel good on your own!

2. Use technology

The number one rule for a long distance relationship to work is to develop communication. Not being able to see yourself in person, you will have to try to tighten your emotional bond as much as possible, and you can only achieve this by communicating as much as possible to still feel close.

Communication is essential for couples who live together, let alone those at a distance! You will have to learn to develop the art of conversation and, day after day, it will be easier and easier for you to understand each other and find the right words as if they were virtual caresses.

Fortunately, today with technology everything is easier, and you can not only feel when you want but also see you, which will help a lot! Take advantage of every means to keep up to date on your lives, from social to video calls, and soon you will also focus on which ones are most suitable for you.

3. Share experiences

It is true you live in two distant cities, but this does not mean that you cannot share experiences together anyway. Again, technology will come to your aid. You could, for example, watch a movie or a game together at the same time, with your partner framed on the PC on your lap.

You could open a blog together to share your stories, or decide to read the same book at the same time to be able to comment on it together, or cook a new recipe live on Skype. Having the same experiences at the same time will really help you feel closer and strengthen your bond.

And then, how romantic is it to fall asleep together on the phone or in a video call? An experience to try!

4. Loyalty and trust

For a long-distance relationship to really work, there must be two “fs”: loyalty and trust. Trust is also fundamental in relationships that disregard distance, but in this case, it is even more so: if a trust is lacking and you are far away, your story can become a real nightmare!

If you decided to get serious at a distance, you will both have to make a commitment not to betray each other. Otherwise, why make all this effort? Certainly, there may be attitudes or situations that will bother you, make you feel jealous: remember that the solution is always the same, the dialogue.

If you can calmly talk about your fears and doubts, you will always be able to clarify and resolve them. Mutual trust and dialogue will make you unbeatable!

5. Keep your passion on

Needless to hide it: no matter how hard you try to make a long-distance relationship work, sex will always be missing! We must, therefore, try to adapt to the situation. Have you ever tried virtual sex? If you have never done it, at first you may feel embarrassed, but in the long run, you may end up enjoying it a lot!

The Internet helps us from this point of view: we no longer speak only of telephone sex and sexting, but of real virtual sex to do in front of the camera (obviously only with a partner you trust blindly!).


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