Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Love marriage has become a common phenomenon in today’s society, where individuals are more inclined towards choosing their own life partners rather than relying on their parents’ choice. In Manipur, a small north-eastern state of India, the concept of love marriage has gained popularity in recent years. However, like any other society, it has also brought along with it several challenges and problems.

One of the major problems faced by couples in love marriages in Manipur is the disapproval of their families. In a conservative society like Manipur, where arranged marriages are the norm, love marriages are still considered a taboo by many. The families of the couple often oppose their relationship, citing differences in caste, religion, or economic status. This leads to a lot of emotional turmoil for the couple, who are caught in the middle of their love and their family’s expectations.

Another issue faced by couples in love marriages in Manipur is the lack of support from society. In a close-knit society like Manipur, where everyone knows each other, the couple may face judgment and criticism from their neighbors, relatives, and even strangers. This can lead to a lot of stress and pressure on the couple, who may feel isolated and misunderstood by society.

Moreover, love marriages in Manipur also suffer from the problem of financial instability. In a state where agriculture is the main occupation, many families struggle to make ends meet. In such a scenario, the added expenses of a love marriage, such as a grand wedding ceremony, can put a strain on the family’s finances. This can lead to resentment and conflicts within the family, causing further problems for the couple.

To address these issues faced by couples in love marriages in Manipur, many turn to astrologers for guidance and solutions. Astrologer Arun Bhargav Ji is a well-known name in Manipur, who has helped numerous couples overcome their love marriage problems. He believes that the position of stars and planets in one’s horoscope can influence their love life and compatibility with their partner. Through his astrological remedies, he helps couples overcome the obstacles in their love marriage and bring harmony to their relationship.

One of the common remedies suggested by Astrologer Arun Bhargav Ji is performing certain pujas (rituals) to appease the planets and seek their blessings. He also advises couples to wear specific gemstones to strengthen their bond and overcome any negative influences on their relationship. Additionally, he also provides guidance on how to navigate through the challenges of family disapproval and societal pressure.

In conclusion, love marriage in Manipur may face several challenges and problems, but with the help of renowned astrologers like Arun Bhargav Ji, these issues can be overcome. It is essential for society to become more accepting and open-minded towards love marriages, and for families to support their children’s choices. After all, love knows no boundaries, and it is ultimately the happiness and well-being of the couple that should matter the most.


Q: What is the most common problem faced by couples in love marriages in Manipur?
A: The most common problem faced by couples in love marriages in Manipur is societal pressure and opposition from family and community.

Q: How can astrology help in resolving love marriage problems in Manipur?
A: Astrology can help in analyzing the horoscopes of the couple and identifying any potential compatibility issues. It can also provide guidance on how to overcome obstacles and strengthen the bond between the couple.

Q: What are some common astrological remedies for love marriage problems?
A: Some common astrological remedies for love marriage problems include performing certain rituals, wearing specific gemstones, and reciting mantras to appease the planetary influences affecting the couple’s relationship.

Q: Can love marriage problems be solved without the consent of the families?
A: It is ideal to have the consent of both families in resolving love marriage problems. However, with the help of astrology and proper guidance, it is possible to overcome these problems even without the consent of families.

Q: Is it necessary to consult an astrologer for love marriage problems?
A: It is not necessary to consult an astrologer for love marriage problems, but it can be helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the situation and finding effective solutions.

Q: How can couples in Manipur maintain a happy and successful love marriage?
A: Couples in Manipur can maintain a happy and successful love marriage by understanding and respecting each other’s differences, communicating effectively, and seeking guidance from elders or experts in times of trouble.

Q: Are there any specific astrological combinations that indicate love marriage problems in a person’s birth chart?
A: Yes, there are certain combinations in a person’s birth chart that may indicate potential love marriage problems, such as the placement of Venus and Mars, the 7th house, and the 5th house.

Q: What are some common misconceptions about love marriage problems in Manipur?
A: Some common misconceptions about love marriage problems in Manipur include the belief that love marriages always lead to unhappy relationships and that astrological remedies are not effective in resolving these issues. However, with the right approach and guidance, love marriages can be as successful as arranged marriages.